Shock Waves

Howlin' Wolf Records (616892266747)
Film | Releasedatum: 18/12/2014 | Film release: 1977 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
1.Shock Waves (Opening Titles)0:59
2.Where It All Began1:37
3.Zombie Chase1:05
4.Death Corps2:47
5.Arrival on the Island0:26
6.An Unearthly Glow0:13
7.Rescue 10:30
8.Nazis from the Deep1:26
9.Discovering the Captain0:17
10.Laying Ben to Rest0:48
11.Towards the Hotel / Dobbs Finds the Zombies0:48
12.Danger in the Water0:33
13.All I Can Remember1:24
14.Neither Weapons nor Shields0:57
15.Rescue 20:27
16.Dog Watch1:11
17.Hit by a Ghost Ship1:07
18.The Sea Spits up What It Can't Keep Down1:13
19.Life Underwater0:48
20.Always Lurking0:38
21.The Light2:08
22.The Deep End of Horror0:56
23.The Grave of a Ghost Ship0:46
24.Awaken from the Grave0:42
25.Shock Waves (Alternate)0:18
26.Where It All Began (Alternate)1:35
27.Towards the Hotel (Alternate)0:48
28.Hit by a Ghost Ship (Alternate)1:07
29.Death Corps (Alternate)2:48
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Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents the world premiere of Richard Einhorn's score to the Ken Wiederhorn Nazi zombie cult classic, SHOCK WAVES.

Richard Einhorn creates a groundbreaking score with haunting timbres and chilling electronics to accentuates the on-screen horror of begoggled, menacing Nazi zombies. Einhorn's evocative score undoubtedly has been one of the key elements in the success of SHOCK WAVES, with its sparse yet beguilling textures, capturing perfectly the menace and despair of the undead. One of the early electronic scores, Shock Waves represents innovative scoring at its leanest and meanest! Commercially available for the first time, the score has been remastered from the composer's personal 7.5 ips master tapes in mono.

SHOCK WAVES is packaged in a jewel case with full color inserts, featuring a 12-page booklet with art direction by Luis M. Rojas and informative liner notes by Benjamin Chee.

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