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Star Trek
Charlie X - The Corbomite Maneuver - Mudd's Woman - The Doomsday Machine

Colosseum (4005939472351)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206742725)
TV-serie/TV film | Releasejaar: 1990 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Star Trek Main Title / Closing theme Alexander Courage1:19
The Corbomite Maneuver (Fred Steiner)
2.radiation / Cube Radiation / baby Balok / Fesarius Approaches5:03
Charlie X (Fred Steiner)
3.Kirk's Command / Charlie's Mystery / Charlie's Gift3:37
4.Kirk is Worried / Card Tricks / Charlie's Yen3:23
5.Zap Sam / Zap janice / Zap the Cap / Zap the Spaceship4:19
6.Charlie's Friend / Goodbye Charlie / Finale2:44
The Doomsday Machine (Sol Kaplan)
7.Goodbye M. Decker / Kirk Does it Again5:45
Mudd's Woman (Fred Steiner)
8.Three Venuses / Meet Mr. Mudd / hello Girls / Venus Aboard / Mudd Laffs3:11
9.Hello Ruth / The last Crystal / The Venus Drug4:30
10.Planet Rigel / Eve is Out / Space radio4:09
11.Eve Cooks / Pretty Eve / Mudd's Farewell3:17
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