The War Wagon

Film | Releasedatum: 11/10/2010 | Film release: 1967 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 2000 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
1.Ballad Of The War Wagon3:24
2.Enter Pierce1:28
3.Dark Street0:37
5.Lotus Leaf/Fivestone Shaving1:32
6.Livery Stable1:34
8.Mexican Getaway0:46
9.Bronco Saloon1:27
10.Wading War Wagon0:42
11.Friendly Indians2:58
12.Cuarto Cinco1:32
13.Chores/Knife Talk2:54
14.Indian Trades1:03
15.War Wagon/The Bridge/War Wagon Departs2:41
16.Steady Fingers2:32
17.Spool Of Wire1:01
18.Vantage Point0:31
19.Dust Gag/Ambush5:09
20.The Flour Wagon1:21
22.Get That Wagon!2:06
23.A New Life1:02
24.Lomax Hits Bottom And End Cast1:01
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At last! World premiere release of rousing Dimitri Tiomkin score for action-packed John Wayne western, presented by Universal Pictures, also starring Kirk Douglas, directed by Burt Kennedy. Intrada proudly offers complete score, newly mixed & mastered in full stereo from actual multi-track session masters stored in mint condition in Universal vaults. CD includes terrific opening 'Ballad of The War Wagon', sung by Ed Ames. Happily, all 'sweetener' elements also survived in perfect condition, allowing Intrada to remix all stereo chorus overdubs for main title, including additional harmonica & piano tracks! Tiomkin creates great main theme for armor-plated gold wagon, then fashions dynamic variations underlining preparations by Wayne & Douglas to destroy it along with villainous owner Bruce Cabot. Latter half of score features several incredible action set-pieces with Tiomkin in spectacular form as he nears end of composing career. Hearing it all in vivid stereo makes for an exciting listen! Great original 1967 artwork campaign plus color stills, text by Julie Kirgo completes this rich package of western music. One of Universal's best previously unreleased 1960's film scores is finally a CD reality. Dimitri Tiomkin conducts.

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