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Pan's Labyrinth

Victor Japan (4988002535149)
Film | Releasedatum: 27/09/2007 | Film release: 2006 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Long, Long Time Ago2:11
2.The Labyrinth4:04
3.Rose, Dragon3:34
4.The Fairy and the Labyrinth3:33
5.Three Trials2:04
6.The Moribund Tree and the Toad7:08
8.A Book of Blood3:47
9.Mercedes Lullaby1:36
10.The Refuge1:32
11.Not Human5:52
12.The River2:48
13.A Tale1:52
14.Deep Forest5:45
15.Vals of the Mandrake3:38
16.The Funeral2:42
18.Pan and the Full Moon5:04
20.A Princess3:59
21.Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby1:47
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