The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Volume 1

Colosseum (4005939538125)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206538120)
TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 10/11/1992 | Medium: CD

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Main Title - Album Version Laurence Rosenthal2:08
Verdun 1916
2.Remebering Verdun Joel McNeely1:40
3.Race to the Front Joel McNeely1:04
4.The Retreat Joel McNeely1:43
5.Visiting Remy Joel McNeely4:10
6.Aerial Pursuit Joel McNeely2:40
7.Nocturnal Mission Joel McNeely2:36
8.Requiem Joel McNeely3:26
Peking 1910
9.An American Thanksgiving - A Chinese Adventure Laurence Rosenthal5:56
10.Indy is Ill Laurence Rosenthal1:30
11.The Long Night of Dr Wen Chi-iu Laurence Rosenthal7:09
12.West Meets East Laurence Rosenthal1:53
Paris 1916
13.Arrival In Paris Joel McNeely1:59
14.Afternoon Tea Joel McNeely2:50
15.Breakfast with Mata Joel McNeely2:13
16.Viola Quintet in G Minor W.A. Mozart2:44
17.Parisian Stroll Joel McNeely1:40
18.Still Life Joel McNeely2:04
19.L'Affaire d'Amour Joel McNeely2:12
20.Lover's Fairwell Joel McNeely2:05
Barcelona 1917
21.Boulevards of Barcelona Laurence Rosenthal1:30
22.Picasso and Diaghilev Laurence Rosenthal3:02
23.The Dressing Room Laurence Rosenthal2:23
24.The Contessa Laurence Rosenthal6:42
25.Ballerina in Bondage Laurence Rosenthal2:59
26.Lead for Breakfast Laurence Rosenthal4:39
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