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Brownstone the Musical

Musical | Releasedatum: 26/08/2003 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Act 1. Someone's Moving In 
2.Act 1. The Cellphone Song 
3.Act 1. Fiction Writer 
4.Act 1. There She Goes 
5.Act 1. We Should Talk 
6.Act 1. Camouflage 
7.Act 1. Thanks A Lot / Neighbors Above, Neighbors Below 
8.Act 1. Pretty City 
9.Act 1. What Do People Do? 
10.Act 1. Not Today 
11.Act 1. You Still Don't Know 
12.Act 1. Not Today Trio 
13.Act 1. Babies On The Brain 
14.Act 1. Almost There (Act I Finale) 
15.Act 2. Don't Tell Me Everything 
16.Act 2. One Of Them 
17.Act 2. Fiction Writer (Reprise) 
18.Act 2. He Didn't Leave It Here 
19.Act 2. It Isn't The Ehnd Of The World 
20.Act 2. Since You Stayed Here 
21.Act 2. We Came Along Too Late 
22.Act 2. The Books 
23.Act 2. It's A Funny Thing 
24.Act 2. It Isn't The End Of The World (Reprise) 
25.Act 2. If It's Time To Go 
26.Act 2. Almost There (Reprise) 
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