Aux jeux des vivants

Film | Releasedatum: 29/04/2014 | Medium: Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Among the Living2:41
3.Shooter's Home1:43
4.Acting Out3:40
5.Klarence, My Son / Main Title2:32
6.The Kids0:50
7.Canteen Fun / Let's Get Out of Here2:37
8.Always Dreamed of It / Hermann!1:38
10.Welcome to Blackwoods1:50
12.Bad Discovery & Point of No Return3:30
13.Shooter's Lair / Escape5:58
14.Blackwood Stories1:31
15.Kill Them!2:30
16.Family Moments1:12
17.I Have No Clown! / Daniel Meets Klarence4:31
18.Father & Son2:22
19.Show Yourself!1:11
20.Lying Dad / Tom Meets Klarence0:50
21.Peaceful Night1:17
23.That One Is Bigger Than Me!0:56
24.Someone's Here2:15
25.Family Meets Klarence1:46
26.Klarence Plays2:54
27.The Baby!1:56
28.Go With Your Sister / Kidnapped1:27
29.Time to Go1:23
30.Final Confrontation5:47
31.Miss You Guys2:07
32.New Beginning1:00
33.Among the Living: End Credits (Full Version)5:05
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