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500 Nations
A Musical Journey

Epic Records US (0074646699027)
TV-serie/TV film Documentaire | Releasedatum: 11/04/1995 | Film release: 1995 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.500 Nations4:09
4.Columbus: Onforgivable Sins5:33
5.Columbus: Enrique's Rebellion2:59
6.No Turning Back6:53
7.Another Enemy2:49
8.We Became Orphans2:38
9.De Soto's March3:22
10.Sewee Nation5:07
11.Every Brave Man4:47
12.The Shawnee Prophet3:05
13.To Be Martyred3:53
14.The Chumash4:09
15.King Philip's War3:55
16.The Nez Perce:The Long Retreat2:48
17.The Nez Perce: Fight No More Forever1:56
18.Afterword (Album Version)1:38
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