Marathon Man/The Parallax View

Film Score Monthly (0638558028520)
Film | Releasejaar: 2010 | Film release: 1976 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 3000 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
Marathon Man
1.Main Title3:00
2.Tragedy at the Truck1:31
3.In Hot Pursuit/Out of the Race1:19
4.Bellman and Pram1:47
5.The Doll's Demise0:51
6.Biesenthal Flashback0:39
7.Soccer Ball0:56
8.Elsa's Intrigue0:36
9.Szell Arrives0:27
10.Love Scene3:00
11.The Letter1:00
13.Resemble Diamonds/Fountain Appointment1:48
14.Scylla Stabbed1:51
15.Doc Dies0:34
16.Nightmare of the Past1:22
17.Bathroom Terror1:49
18.False Rescue1:12
19.Betrayal/Drilling Horror0:50
21.Chase Pt. I2:08
22.Chase Pt. II0:57
23.Urgent Phone Call1:37
24.Calculated Risk/Gang Moves In1:58
25.House on the Hill/Approaching Showdown2:39
26.Jewelry Market Pt. I1:23
27.Market Continuation0:28
28.The Recognition1:47
29.Szell Escapes1:25
30.All That Glitters Pt. I/All That Glitters Pt. II0:41
31.Too Close/Essen0:33
32.Diamonds of Death1:17
33.Babe Tosses Gun1:53
34.End Credits2:00
Bonus Tracks
35.Main Title (alternate)2:59
36.Fountain Appointment (alternate)1:40
37.False Rescue (alternate)1:09
The Parallax View
38.Commission and Main Title2:42
40.Sheriff's House0:58
41.Car Chase1:12
42.Testing Center1:05
43.Out to Sea0:52
44.Slide of Art/Austin Sleeps1:56
45.Parallax Test4:55
46.Art in Cafeteria/Suitcase Bomb3:55
47.Gunmen Search1:30
48.Joe's Final Run1:29
49.End Title2:02
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