The Basket

North By Northwest Entertainment 01/06/2000 CD (660355503429)
Film Film release: 1999

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# Track   Lengte
1.Der Korb/The Basket3:12
2.The Stranger1:51
3.The Pendant1:21
4.Two Stones and a Sling1:43
5.Thousand Tiny Pieces1:36
6.Quietest Dreams2:17
7.Stealing the Basket1:31
8.The Gift1:19
9.Pledge of Allegiance1:46
10.Duchess' Lament1:26
11.Killing The Ball2:27
13.To Cause The Death1:26
14.The Game1:26
15.Brigitta's Dance3:23
16.Together We Shall Fly3:41
17.Town Meeting3:01
19.Killing The Ball0:49
20.The Barbarians2:48
21.Bessie's Dream1:08
22.Charlie Cohn2:43
23.To Cause The Death2:15
24.The Game Part I3:59
25.Send Us Back2:14
26.The Game Part II4:28
27.Brigitta's Dance1:30
28.Together We Shall Fly4:57
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