I Tre Del Colorado

Film | Releasejaar: 2014 | Film release: 1965 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.I tre del Colorado (seq. 1)2:09
2.I tre del Colorado (seq. 2)3:04
3.I tre del Colorado (seq. 3)2:49
4.I tre del Colorado (seq. 4)1:46
5.I tre del Colorado (seq. 5)2:00
6.I tre del Colorado (seq. 6)1:41
7.I tre del Colorado (seq. 7)1:34
8.I tre del Colorado (seq. 8)2:35
9.I tre del Colorado (seq. 9)2:35
10.I tre del Colorado (seq. 10)2:08
11.I tre del Colorado (seq. 11)2:57
12.I tre del Colorado (seq. 12)2:31
13.I tre del Colorado (seq. 13)2:15
14.I tre del Colorado (seq. 14)2:00
15.I tre del Colorado (seq. 15)2:37
16.I tre del Colorado (seq. 16)2:23
17.I tre del Colorado (seq. 17)1:53
18.I tre del Colorado (seq. 18)2:30
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We continue our classic CR (Collector Releases) series with this first-ever release of Carlo Savina’s score for the Western movie I TRE DEL COLORADO (1965, CANDADIAN WILDERNESS), directed by Armando de Ossorio and starring George Martin, Diana Lorys, Luis Martin and Santiago Rivero. The Italo-Western genre had just exploded, but some productions were still inspired by the Hollywood canon. For this production, we find ourselves on that trail with a distinctly spectacular film that tells a story involving Indians and kidnappings.

The score composed by M° Savina, a fine musician who has given so much to Italian cinema of the 20th century, is in line with the description above, exemplifying a style in which strings and spacious arrangements for full orchestra predominate. Surely a great rediscovery, it confirms once again how much this marvelous artist has contributed to the Eighth Art through his wonderful music.

The CD comes in a jewel case, with mastering by Enrico De Gemini, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Roger A. Fratter and a 12-page full-color booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi. A righteous addition to all collectors of Western scores, fans of the Maestro and film music aficionados around the world!

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