The Blue Max

La-La Land Records (826924129623)
Film | Releasedatum: 25/02/2014 | Film release: 1966 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 2000 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
The Intended Final Score
1.Main Title2:28
2.The New Arrival1:26
3.A Pretty Medal1:45
4.First Blood2:26
5.The First Victory0:43
6.The Captive1:49
7.The Victim2:36
8.The Cobra1:41
9.The Attack5:33
10.The Dinner Party0:59
11.A Small Favor0:58
12.Love Theme from The Blue Max (#1)1:19
13.A Good Man0:28
14.Intermission–Play Out1:08
15.Intermission–Play In1:43
16.The Bridge3:19
17.Love Theme from The Blue Max (#2)1:36
18.Retreat – Part I3:16
19.Retreat – Part II4:31
20.Stachel in Berlin–Part I1:19
21.Stachel in Berlin–Part II1:16
22.Nothing Needed0:43
23.Kaeti Has a Plan3:33
24.Stachel's Last Flight2:01
25.End Title and Cast2:45
# Track   Lengte
The 1966 Soundtrack Album
1.Main Title–The Blue Max2:28
2.Love Theme from The Blue Max1:48
4.First Blood3:03
6.Confirmed Kill4:21
7.The Lonely Victor3:32
8.Intermission Title0:44
9.Bridge Duel3:16
11.Food Riot2:32
12.End Title2:38
13.Watch on the Rhine1:48
14.Pour Le Mérite March2:18
15.Deutschland (German National Anthem)0:51
Additional Source Music
16.Student Song Medley2:14
17.Polish Girl0:44
18.Freut Euch des Lebens1:30
19.Artist’s Life #10:46
20.German Parade March0:31
21.Artist’s Life #21:02
22.Gloria March0:26
Additional Music
23.The Attack (original version)5:36
24.First Blood (revised opening)0:57
25.First Blood (discrete version)2:27
26.The Attack (alternate edit)6:34
27.Retreat Parts 1 & 2 (intended film edit)7:41
28.End Cast (alternate take)1:15
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La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox present the restored and remastered re-issue of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith’s (PATTON, THE OMEN, ALIEN, FIRST KNIGHT) original score to the 1966 Twentieth Century Fox WWI war drama THE BLUE MAX, starring George Peppard, James Mason and Ursula Andress, and directed by John Guillermin. Goldsmith’s powerful masterpiece comes roaring back to life in this knockout presentation. Meticulously restored by Mike Matessino and remastered by Daniel Hersch from original stereo elements, this high-flying re-issue produced by Nick Redman and Neil S. Bulk features the intended film score on Disc One, and the first-time-ever CD debut of the original LP program on Disc Two, along with bonus tracks that include previously unreleased source music. Liner notes from film music writer Julie Kirgo and track-by-track analysis by writer Jeff Bond round out stellar art design by Jim Titus. A must for all film music enthusiasts! This is a limited edition of 2000 units.


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