Days of Wine and Roses

Film | Releasedatum: 30/06/2013 | Film release: 1962 | Medium: Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Days of Wine and Roses (Main Title)2:12
2.Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 2)1:49
3.Man Meets Girl4:30
4.Hi-Fi II2:24
5.Hi-Fi I3:27
6.Gorgeous and Guilty1:24
7.Kissed in the Greenhouse1:07
9.Some Laughs2:46
10.Off Scene Hi-Fi1:40
11.They Fired Me1:12
12.Vanilla, Part 12:13
13.Vanilla, Part 21:41
14.Crazy Smell2:11
15.Get in the Tub, Part 11:04
16.Get in the Tub, Part 21:04
17.A Gone Mommy0:47
18.No Guts7:37
19.A Sad Pop2:49
20.I Want to Come Home6:58
21.Cocktail Hour2:22
22.Navel Engagement (Turkish Combo)2:55
23.Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 1)3:03
24.What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)2:46
25.I Only Have Eyes for You (Harry Warren/Al Dubin)2:27
26.September in the Rain (Harry Warren/Al Dubin)1:10
27.Play Off for Trailer0:18
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