Varèse Sarabande Club (0019750003056)
Film | Releasedatum: 06/04/2009 | Film release: 1979 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 1500 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title3:16
2.Abner’s Painting1:16
3.Visit To Kochina Springs1:18
4.Just A Chill:49
5.Abner Has Left:58
6.Be Careful:34
7.Abner’s Burial2:28
8.Up In Smoke1:15
9.He’s Risen:25
10.Escape From The Bats:47
11.Goin’ Fishin’2:11
12.Dead Priests:46
13.The Lines Cross1:34
14.Search For Anne3:55
15.They Are Evil1:17
16.Return To The Root2:57
17.The Bat Nest2:45
18.They Are Evil II1:30
19.Battle In The Bat Cave5:18
20.Finale/End Title1:59
Bonus Tracks:
22.Bat Song1:33
23.Bat Song II1:19
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