The Karate Kid I - II - III - IV

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Film | Releasedatum: 26/03/2007 | Film release: 1984 | Medium: CD
Beperkte oplage: 2500 exemplaren

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
Disc One - The Karare Kid (1984)
1.Main Title3:30
2.Fite Nite2:01
3.Bumpy Ride1:37
4.Dan Ducks Out0:55
5.Bonsai Tree0:43
6.Decorate The Gym0:39
7.Miyagi Rattles Bones2:21
8.Miyagi Intercedes1:28
9.On To Miyagi’s1:33
10.The Pact2:12
11.Feel The Night (Demo)(Bill Conti and Baxter Robinson)Baxter Robinson1:56
12.Troubled Lovers0:33
13.Japanese Sander1:26
14.Paint The Fence3:11
15.Daniel Sees The Bird2:38
16.Fish & Train2:28
17.Training Hard2:29
18.The Kiss1:02
19.Japanese Hand Clap0:40
20.No Mercy0:23
21.Daniel’s Moment Of Truth1:52
# Track   Lengte
Disc Two - The Karate Kid, Part II (1986)
1.Main Title5:32
2.No Mercy1:17
3.Six Months Later1:10
4.Breathing / Daniel Nails It1:27
6.Honor Very Serious2:02
7.Time Flies1:50
8.Enter Sato1:46
9.Miyagi’s Home4:11
10.No Choice1:14
11.The Funeral5:14
12.Their Song1:45
13.Rekindled Love1:35
15.Miyagi’s Attack1:00
16.Daniel And Kumiko3:15
17.Daniel Leaves4:45
18.Old Friends4:47
19.Moon Spots1:07
20.Daniel’s Triumph1:41
# Track   Lengte
Disc Three - The Karate Kid, Part III (1989)
1.Main Title5:38
2.Terry Silver1:14
3.The Last Tree1:55
4.Terry’s Next Move2:56
5.The Hidden Tree3:26
6.Terry Sneaks In2:14
7.Mike States His Case1:06
8.Getting The Tree4:33
9.Jessica’s Slip1:07
10.Daniel Signs Up3:08
11.Miyagi’s Prayer1:01
12.Daniel Submits1:22
13.Miyagi’s Shut Out0:36
14.Terry Owns Daniel0:37
15.Jessica’s Kiss0:48
16.Daniel’s Resolution1:44
17.Miyagi Kicks Butt1:57
18.Kata Training1:54
19.Bonsai Prayer0:36
20.The Final Blow4:05
# Track   Lengte
Disc Four - The Next Karate Kid (1994)
1.The Next Karate Kid0:24
2.Regiment of Heroes1:24
3.Julie Storms Out3:15
4.Cops Chase Julie1:09
5.Trainyard Emotions2:15
7.The Pizza Guy0:31
8.Julie and Miyagi3:03
9.Julie’s Fight3:50
10.Monk Headquarters1:26
11.Dining With Monks2:51
12.Julie-san Satori2:25
13.Training Montage2:10
14.Zen Archery1:44
15.Welcome Home, Julie0:43
16.Rooftop Fight1:04
17.Angel Flies3:18
18.The Monks Arrive1:48
19.Miyagi Tears1:33
20.Bowling For Monks1:04
21.The Alphas Drop In0:54
22.The Alphas Clobber Eric3:14
23.Julie Fights3:42
24.Miyagi’s Big Fight3:35
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