The Black Cauldron

Film | Releasejaar: 2000 | Film release: 1985 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Horned King Appears1:08
2.Finding Hen Wen2:27
3.Unused Cue #11:50
4.The Kind, Taran & The Oracula Pig2:20
5.To The Castle / The Pig Keeper2:47
6.Hen Wen's Seeing2:22
7.The Burial Chamber2:22
8.The Forbidden Forest / Gurgi3:10
9.Hen Wen Captured2:45
10.Unused Cue #21:32
11.Bad News / Unused Cue #32:25
12.In The Forest / After Them & In The Wood2:29
13.Prisoners Again2:04
14.The Second Bargain1:33
15.King Eidellig Of The Fairfold2:14
16.Gipsy Dance / The Horned King2:59
17.Gugri's Alive1:22
18.Alive / After Them2:16
19.Gurgi's Sacrifice1:42
20.The Morva2:04
21.The Witches Of Morva1:59
22.Escape From The Castle2:10
23.Unused Cue #41:33
24.The Army Of The Dead3:33
25.End Titles4:04
26.A Trade1:34
27.The End Of The King2:34
28.Escape From Castle Destruction2:00
29.Apologize & Gurgi's Again1:49
31.Dallben's Cottage2:03
32.The Black Cauldron Appears & The Truth1:49
33.The Sword1:44
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