This Island Earth
(and other Alien Invasion Films)

Monstrous Movie Music (0611225195428)
Film | Releasejaar: 2006 | Medium: CD

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
War of The Satellites
1.Main Title Walter Greene1:25
This Island Earth
2.Main Title Herman Stein1:48
3.Jet West Herman Stein0:42
4.Color Blind Herman Stein0:55
5.From Unit #16 Herman Stein2:33
6.Interocitor Montage Herman Stein0:35
7.Eerie Remains Herman Stein0:47
8.Robot Plane Herman Stein1:42
9.Haven't We Met? Herman Stein1:58
10.Exeter's Mansion Herman Stein1:30
11.Wrong Girl Herman Stein0:33
12.This Way, Doctor Herman Stein0:42
13.Secret Meeting Herman Stein1:18
14.Neutronic Rays Herman Stein0:51
15.Conversion Tube Herman Stein1:00
16.Vermont Memories Herman Stein1:34
17.Tramsformation Herman Stein1:05
18.Shooting Stars Herman Stein1:58
19.Meteor Battle Herman Stein2:22
20.Metaluna Tunnel Herman Stein0:37
21.Metaluna Transport Herman Stein0:42
22.Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 1 Herman Stein1:53
23.Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 2 Henry Mancini2:23
24.Flight From Metaluna Hans Salter2:13
25.Amorous Mutant Henry Mancini2:43
26.Down To Earth Hans Salter1:36
27.End Title Hans Salter1:10
28.End Cast Hans Salter0:22
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers
29.Main Title Daniele Amfitheatrof0:50
The Day of The Triffids by Ron Goodwin
30.Main Title2:03
32.A Sight For Sore Eyes1:24
33.Hospital Awry0:25
34.Doctor Steps Out0:48
35.Plane Crash1:23
36.Triff Riff0:09
38.Susan and Bettina1:18
39.Turning On The Lights1:21
40.Fatal Foliage0:52
41.Escape & Coker's Death1:38
42.Spanish Square0:49
43.Here Comes The Triffids!1:03
44.Leaving Town0:13
45.On To Cadiz2:01
46.Triffid Attack1:27
47.End of The Triffids1:04
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