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The Company

TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 05/08/2007 | Medium: Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Company (Main Title, Berlin 1954)2:34
2.Scull Race (Jack's Theme)0:59
3.Elizabet's Reunion1:37
4.Yevgeny Meets Starik1:43
5.Wilderness of Mirrors1:33
6.Lili Followed1:30
7.Yevgeny and Azalia6:44
8.The Russians Invade Budapest2:03
9.A Lifetime of Secrets2:57
10.Free of Gravity3:26
11.Lili Dies5:35
12.Jack Arrives In Budapest1:39
13.Arpad's Theme, The Capture3:19
14.No Negotiations2:01
16.Kilian Barracks3:48
17.Jack Leaves Hungary2:37
18.Sasha, Cuba2:24
19.Bay of Pigs2:50
20.End of the Ideal2:12
21.Angleton Interrogates Kritzky5:48
22.Serial Numbers2:34
23.Friend or Foe3:46
24.Iron Curtain6:57
25.Killing Leo2:16
26.Reunion With Azalia1:43
27.Who Won?1:41
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