Chato's Land

Film | Releasedatum: 11/06/2008 | Film release: 1972 | Medium: Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.Peeping Tom In The Bushes0:44
3.Mind You Ma; Whiskey And Hot Sun1:28
4.Coop Falls1:24
5.Pain In The Water Bags; Burning Rancheros4:46
6.Peeping Tom On The Ridge; First Stampede3:03
7.Indian Convention1:34
8.The Snake Bite1:20
9.Chato Comes Home1:52
10.Indian Rodeo; Chato Bags Horse2:21
11.Junior Blows The Whistle0:41
12.Fire And Stampede; Joan of Arc At Stake3:54
13.Mr. & Mrs. Chato Split; Massas In The Cold Cold Ground1:26
14.Hot Pants2:46
15.Rainbow On The Range0:57
16.Ride Like Hell0:49
17.Big Stare Job; Here-there-everywhere2:19
18.Attack In Gorge1:53
19.One Big Pain In the Neck2:35
20.Lansing Scalped1:45
21.Elias Gets The Snake; Malechie Gets Shot; Finis5:05
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