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Dead Island: RIPTIDE

Game soundtrack | Releasedatum: 23/04/2013 | Medium: Download, CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Two Six Heave0:53
2.It Is Coming3:10
3.Sleep of the Hunted2:39
4.The Lighthouse Shines Red2:52
5.Delusions of Anchors2:53
6.Death Floats2:59
7.Weather and Grit2:06
8.Eying the Storm2:41
9.Pressing Patter2:55
11.Cut Through the Water4:34
14.Plunging Knives2:37
15.Let It Be Haven2:18
16.Solace In Swells3:38
17.It Can Last3:11
18.Drifting Above3:14
21.Treading Blood2:22
22.Siren Wails3:35
23.Fever Dreams2:03
24.Hands in the Sand4:24
25.No Stars Out1:41
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