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Party Loops & Movie Dialogues

Film | Releasejaar: 2007 | Medium: Vinyl
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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.The Karate Kid - Dialogue Snippets And Music 
2.Weird Science - Dialogue Snippets And Music 
3.Fast Times At Ridgemont High School - Dialogue 
4.Back To The Future - Dialogue 
5.Ghostbusters - Dialogue 
7.Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Music And Dialogue 
8.Sixteen Candles - Dialogue 
9.I Need You Tonight (Short Instrumental)INXS 
10.The Breakfast Club - Dialogue Snippets And Music 
11.Police Academy - Dialogue 
13.Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Short Instrumental)Cyndi Lauper 
14.Weird Science - Dialogue 
15.99 Luftballons (Short Instrumental)Nena 
16.The Beverly Hills Cop - Dialogue 
17.Revenge Of The Nerds - Music & Dialogue 
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Soundtracks uit de collectie: Compilation

Miklós Rózsa: A Musical Autobiography Volume One 1937-1949 (2001)
Film Scores of Miklós Rózsa (1996)
Tutto Fellini (1991)
Best of Julie Andrews, The (1996)
Film Music for Piano (1979)
Essential Hollywood, The (2006)
Super Orchestra Night 2001 (2002)
Best of Phantom Quest Corp. (1997)
Film Spectacular! Vol. II (1990)
G&M de Angelis Soundtrack (2008)

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