Fringe: Season 5

Colosseum 25/06/2013 CD (4005939719623)
Varèse Sarabande 29/01/2016 Download
Varèse Sarabande 25/06/2013 CD (030206719628)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Searching For Olivia Dunham3:20
2.Pity The Cruel3:25
3.The Recordist3:32
4.Orificial Intelligence2:38
5.Dust In The Windmark2:51
6.Mo’Etta Blues3:35
7.The Cube Tube2:26
8.An Origin Story2:24
9.The Garden Of Live Ettas4:36
10.A Dish Best Served Cold2:46
11.The Human Kind4:12
12.The Burning Book3:15
13.Donald In The Game1:57
14.Father And Father You Go3:07
15.Terror Incognito4:48
16.Olivia’s Crossover To Bear1:56
17.Mobius Maker3:05
18.Era Envy2:13
19.When Push Comes To Dove1:42
20.Paradox, So Close2:42
21.Of Cows And Men1:13
22.Biological War Farewell8:48
23.The Resetting Son5:45
24.Finale End Credits1:10
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