The Collector's Edition

Warner Bros. Records (0093624996675)
Film | Releasedatum: 31/07/2007 | Film release: 2006 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.To Victory2:34
2.The Agoge2:24
3.The Wolf2:10
4.Returns a King2:24
6.The Ephors1:59
7.Cursed by Beauty1:41
8.What Must a King Do?1:05
9.Goodbye My Love3:22
10.No Sleep Tonight2:33
11.Tree of the Dead2:25
12.The Hot Gates3:00
13.Fight in the Shade3:17
14.Come and Get Them2:05
15.No Mercy2:23
16.Immortals Battle1:53
17.Fever Dream2:33
18.Xerxes' Tent3:20
19.Tonight We Dine in Hell1:15
20.The Council Chamber2:35
21.Xerxes' Final Offer2:39
22.A God King Bleeds2:16
24.Message for the Queen2:31
25.Remember Us2:57
Bonus tracks
26.First Battle Push2:56
27.One Wild Night4:02
28.Blood Drunk2:03
29.To Victory [Philip Steir's Sacrifice for Sparta Remix]5:30
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