102 Dalmatians
Complete Motion Picture Score

Film | Releasedatum: 04/07/2000 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
2.Tug of War2:57
3.The Dogs Eat1:18
4.102 Dalmatians4:57
5.Waddlesworth Attack4:09
6.File of Cruella0:55
7.Attack in the Shelter2:32
8.Cruella Sees the Picture1:17
9.Chloe Visits the Shelter1:11
10.The Return of Cruella7:00
11.Kevin's Dogs1:18
12.Training Reversal2:09
13.Cruella Stops0:50
14.Le Pelt0:45
16.Puppets / Chloe gets Dressed4:21
17.The Show of the Puppies2:21
18.The Date Begins1:35
19.Alonzo's Theft2:04
21.Kevin gets Arrested3:45
22.Dinner with Cruella2:34
23.Le Pelt Breaks In4:54
24.The Rescue2:39
25.Midnight Bark8:22
26.Kevin Escapes0:52
27.Reunited / Train Station Antics4:22
28.String Quartet1:22
29.Waddlesworth Flies0:58
30.Oddball Reunites with Family0:38
31.Arrival in Paris1:16
32.Sweat Shop6:42
33.Cruela Corners Oddball1:40
34.Battling Cruella de Vil2:44
35.Cruella gets Baked5:49
36.Kevin gets the Dough2:50
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