Alan Wake 2

Laced Records 14/05/2024 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 2023

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# Track   Lengte
1.Vertical Reflections1:50
2.Slaughtering a Nightingale1:37
3.Driving to the Spot2:39
4.This Road (The Mirror is a Trap-Alan Wake 2) (Poe)1:43
5.Manuscript Page1:15
6.Plotboard, Alleys and a Few Dead Bodies6:23
7.Driving Around Washington State2:42
8.Writer's Writings3:50
9.This Road (The Dark Chamber-Alan Wake 2) (Poe)2:47
10.Nightingale Wakes Up2:47
13.A Ritual and an Appearance3:18
15.Evil is Contagious2:49
16.Cult Photo2:10
17.Them Three2:12
18.Wake Talks3:57
19.The Attack, a Ceiling Fan and Lots of Blood4:33
20.Wake Shoots Casey1:53
21.Tor and the Pond3:02
22.Wake Shoots Wake, Scratch Scores an Escape3:16
23.FBC Arrives2:03
24.This Road (Falling Apart-Alan Wake 2) (Poe)1:02
25.Into the Static2:47
26.Last Straws2:57
27.Just Driving3:51
29.This Road (The Beginning-Alan Wake 2) (Poe)2:04
30.The End(s)?4:46
31.Yötön Yö (Petri Alanko & Martti Suosalo)4:10
32.End Credits-Welcome Again to Bright Falls3:16
33.End Credits-Awash Unknown2:29
34.End Credits-Scary Suite10:34
35.Ballroom Jazzy Flyboys Inc.2:16
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