The Pandemic: Rest Stop on Mars

6567011 Records DK 12/05/2024 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Martian Queen5:05
2.Martian Groove2:41
3.Skyhigh Bounty3:25
4.AI Synth Factory3:54
5.Cybernetic Love Affair4:49
6.Dream Weavers Dream4:43
7.A Dance with Goliath2:25
8.Arionis Rising3:37
9.Contagious Desolation2:35
10.Cybernetic Apocalypse4:58
11.Celestial Oceans2:25
12.Neon Infected1:33
13.The Agony of the Hive4:th
14.By the Devill's Hands3:10
15.Goliath's Grip1:50
16.Elysium's Call2:48
17.Goliath s gaze3:29
18.Celestial Symphony2:45
19.Children of the Neon Sun4:50
20.Digital Dreaming3:07
21.City of Electric Dreams1:38
22.Cosmic Conspiracy1:43
23.Burning Skies3:50
24.Echoes of the Night2:53
25.Cybernetic Romance1:54
26.Electric Dream2:57
27.Cybertech Disco2:22
28.Mind Groove2:39
29.Electronic Reflection2:56
30.Cybernetic Singularity2:40
31.Corporate Puppets2:11
32.Radiant Illusion2:55
33.Celestial Wanderlust5:00
34.Virtual Reverie3:45
35.The Agony of the Electronic Hive2:10
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