It Lives Inside

Gardener Recordings 03/05/2024 Download
Film Film release: 2023

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Titles1:42
2.Sam Before School2:33
3.Tamira, Late to Class1:48
4.Tamira's Secret3:56
5.The Pishach Breaks Free4:02
6.Tamira Vanishes2:23
7.Tamira, Tenderized3:11
8.Sam's Investigation2:57
9.Karan's Diary1:52
10.Sam and Russ in the Car2:05
11.The Choudhary House2:19
12.The Attic Walls1:26
13.Sam's Nightmare1:10
14.Young Sam and Tamira1:49
15.The Swing Attack1:53
16.The Swings' Aftermath3:04
17.Whispers at School2:14
18.Disguised as Poorna2:57
19.Sam, Tenderized1:54
20.Sam and Joyce4:29
21.Legend of the Pishach3:39
22.Joyce is Punished6:36
23.Kitchen Fight3:35
24.Race to the Choudhary House2:20
25.Sam, Alone Against the Pishach1:37
27.Most Days1:27
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