Ronja the Robber's Daughter

Music Super Circus 29/03/2024 Download
TV-serie/TV film Film release: 2024

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Ronja the Robber's Daughter1:12
2.Ronja Is Born1:01
3.The Spring ShoutJohan Söderqvist & Björn Isfält3:43
4.Attacking the Borka2:02
5.The Robbers' Life1:46
6.The Gray Dwarves2:02
8.Ronja and Birk1:12
10.The Wolf SongJohan Söderqvist, Astrid Lindgren & Björn Isfält feat. Krista Kosonen2:41
11.The River1:29
12.The Scoundrel1:16
13.Out Robbing1:32
14.Ronja Goes to the Lake1:33
15.Borka's Theme0:59
16.The Assault2:10
17.The Children Play1:20
18.Ronja's Longing1:45
19.Stealing the Gunpowder3:17
20.The Robber SongJohan Söderqvist & Björn Isfält1:40
21.Morning in the Mattis Fortress0:55
22.It Hurts1:37
24.It's Snowing1:12
25.Feast in the Mattis Fortress0:26
26.In the Cave of the Wile-Wings0:34
29.Ronja Goes SkiingJohan Söderqvist & Björn Isfält1:07
30.The Friendship of Mattis and Borka1:20
31.Sneaking Out Into the Night2:11
32.The Robbers Play in the Snow0:36
33.The Snow Is Melting0:45
34.Ronja Steals Food1:00
35.Rascal and Wilding1:15
36.Borka Steals from Mattis1:24
37.End Credits-Season 1Johan Söderqvist & Björn Isfält2:23
38.Ronja the Robber's Daughter-Epilogue2:14
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