Music from the Films of Steven Spielberg

Silva Screen Records (0738572118228)
Film | Releasedatum: 10/05/2005 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
John Williams
1.Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Raiders Of The Lost Ark5:26
Billy Goldenberg
2.Duel - The Café / Truck Attack5:08
John Williams
3.The Sugarland Express3:40
5.Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - The Conversation Begins / Main Title / Resolution And Finale14:Al
6.1941 - March4:14
7.Raiders Of The Lost Ark - The Map Room / Dawn4:08
8.Raiders Of The Lost Ark - The Basket Game4:24
9.E.t.-the Extraterrestrial - Adventures On Earth57:Al
Jerry Goldsmith
10.Poltergeist - Main Theme4:20
11.Twilight Zone: The Movie6:28
Quincy Jones
12.Color Purple, The - Finale5:15
John Williams
13.Empire Of The Sun - Exsultate Justi5:01
14.Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom - End Credits6:29
# Track   Lengte
John Williams
1.Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom - The Mine Car Chase5:32
2.Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Indy's First Adventure28:Al
3.Always - Follow Me / Dorinda's Solo Flight3:44
4.Hook - Main Themes4:05
5.Hook - When We're Alone3:01
6.Jurassic Park6:00
7.Schindler's List - Orchestral Version4:03
8.Amistad - Dry Your Tears, Afrika3:40
9.Saving Private Ryan - Hymn To The Fallen6:04
10.A.i. - Artificial Intelligence3:46
11.Minority Report - Minority Report3:58
12.Catch Me If You Can3:01
13.Terminal, The - The Tale Of Viktor Navorski4:15
14.Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - End Credits11:35
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