A Viper's Pit

Blunatic Records 21/05/2023 Download
Film Film release: 2021

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# Track   Lengte
1.A Vipers' Pit-Opening Theme1:23
2.Happy Dinner Time0:33
3.Mom's Funeral-First Secret Meeting1:25
4.Cut the Head of the Snake1:48
5.Mom's Bedroom2:49
6.Second Secret Meeting1:31
7.St Paul's Story1:27
8.Mom's Stuff Packed0:29
9.A New Family0:55
10.Roger Sr Storms Off0:51
11.The Prayer1:03
12.Kill Mintoff1:41
13.Bullying Noel0:54
14.You're Never Here-Shoot the Dog3:09
15.We Made Some Mistakes Along the Way1:34
16.On the Boat1:35
17.The Sea0:48
18.Frances' Revelations2:50
19.Painting Maureen0:32
20.Murder Attempt2:32
21.Are You Devoted?0:58
22.Richard Returns0:57
23.Richard's Lowest Point0:53
24.Getting the Insulin1:09
25.Blackmailing Alan1:23
26.Dinner Without Richard0:58
27.I Killed Your Father3:23
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