The Essential Games Music Collection Volume 3

Silva Screen Records 10/02/2023 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Journey (from "Destiny 2")C Paul Johnson, Michael Salvatori, Pieter Schlosser, Rotem Moav, Skye Lewin. 
2.Main Theme (from "Fallout 4")Inon Zur 
3.Suicide Mission (from "Mass Effect 2")Jack Wall 
4.Leaving Earth (from "Mass Effect 3")Clint Mansell 
5.God of War (from "God of War")Bear McCreary 
6.Theme (from "Dark Souls 3")Motoi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura 
7.Sweden (from "Minecraft")Daniel Rosenfeld 
8.Cleric Beast (from "Bloodborne")Tsukasa Saitoh 
9.Intro (From "Crysis 2")Hans Zimmer 
10.The Song of the Dragonborn (from "Skyrim")Jeremy Soule 
11.Elden Ring (From "Elden Ring")Shoi Miyazawa, Tai Tomisawa, Tsukasa Saitoh, Yoshimi Kudo, Yuka Kitamura 
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