The Cat and the Canary

2639990 Records DK 28/11/2022 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening Credits1:17
2.Cyrus West/A Secret Visitor4:18
3.An Alarming Discovery4:05
4.Harry Blythe and Charlie Wilder2:22
5.Aunt Susan and Cecily1:54
6.Paul Jones and Annabelle West4:38
7.An Old Superstition/Hiding in the House4:25
8.Mr. Crosby Disappears2:31
9.Annabelle and Paul2:07
10.a hand, like a...spider...1:40
11.A Second Disappearance1:28
12.An Unexpected Guest3:12
13.The Cat5:24
14.Love Theme2:20
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