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Air-Edel Records 23/09/2022 Download
Film Film release: 2021

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# Track   Lengte
1.Ainbo Main Titles1:32
2.The Dead Lake1:57
3.The Ceremony1:33
4.You Are Special2:09
5.A New Day1:41
6.Who Did This?2:18
7.Aye Mama Farewell1:56
8.Journey Through the Amazon0:49
9.The Yakaruna Attack2:49
10.It's My Quest0:37
11.A Magical Place2:55
12.Motello Mana3:33
13.Construction Time0:50
14.The Shaman3:01
15.Pelejo the Sloth3:19
16.Vulcano Run1:21
17.Flying Away1:48
18.The Old Tree1:27
19.An Unexpected Guest1:59
20.Lizeni Attacks2:39
21.Attack of the Machines3:03
22.The Story of the Yakaruna2:52
23.Fight of the Machines3:48
24.Reunited and Goodbye3:07
25.Ainbo End Titles2:06
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