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The Ken Thorne Collection Vol. 1

Dragons Domain Recording 23/09/2022 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening Credits1:25
2.Car Chase1:03
3.Cabot Cain To The Rescue1:56
4.Café Muzak2:05
5.Heís My Friend Too0:38
6.Classical Piano2:05
7.Iíll Tell You No More!1:48
8.Police Van1:39
10.Memories / On The Road2:25
11.Village Rescue3:16
12.Cain In Action0:49
13.Hotel Muzak3:10
14.Jewelry Store Muzak2:01
15.Having Drinks1:06
16.Love Scene2:20
17.Night Encounter2:24
18.Cabot Goes To Confront Agathon3:02
19.Entering The Camp1:59
20.Escape From Cell / Final Confrontation5:16
21.Will I Be Remembered? / Fatal Shot2:19
22.Final Farewell1:27
23.Sooner Than We Know2:12
25.As Long As We Live0:44
26.The Kidnapping1:47
27.Torture and Death2:00
28.Tank Kill0:57
30.The Break Up0:48
31.Spy Kill2:02
32.The Colonel's Death1:46
33.The Takeover2:53
35.The Betrayal0:58
36.Coup D'Etat2:33
37.Closing Credits2:44
38.Dick Cavett Show Theme1:11
40.Birthday Muzak #12:01
41.Birthday Muzak #23:21
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