Kaveh Cohen
Verblijfplaats: United States of America
OfficiŽle website: Official Kaveh Cohen site
Biografie (Biografie enkel beschikbaar in het Engels) (Bijgewerkt 2009-04-20)

A veritable force in the world of motion picture trailers, Kaveh and co-composer
Michael Nielsen have taken the advertising industry by storm. Since the debut of
his blockbuster trailer music library Full Tilt, with itís intense and cutting edge
sound, Kaveh's compositions have thrilled audiences on both the large and small
screen in literally hundreds of advertising campaigns for Hollywood's biggest
blockbuster films including: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers: Revenge of
the Fallen, Angels and Demons, Terminator Salvation, Watchmen, Race to Witch
Mountain, The Dark Knight, Wanted, Iron Man, The Curious Case of Benjamin
Button, Indiana Jones and countless others. Not stopping at trailers, Kaveh has
scored numerous commercials for clients including Sony, SEGA, NBC, Mattel, Six
Flags and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Kavehís haunting orchestral score for Lions Gate Filmsí cult favorite Beyond The
Wall of Sleep has met with critical acclaim. Heís composed scores for dozens of
television shows including award winning and Emmy nominated shows and mini
series such as Ocean Adventures, The Science of Star Wars, The Crash of Flight
191, Biography: John Travolta, Red Flag, Above and Beyond, Probable Cause and
many others. Heís also been a contributing composer for several top rated network
prime time reality shows.

Kaveh composed the score for the 2007 Audiobook Of The Year, The Bible
Experience, a complete and fully dramatized recording featuring an all star cast
including Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Blair Underwood, Cuba Gooding Jr.,
Robert Guillaume and many others. His beautiful and dramatic score was recorded
live in Prague.

Recently, Kaveh and co-composer Michael Nielsen completed their score for one of
2009's most anticipated XBOX 360 exclusive video game titles, Tom Clancy's
Splinter Cell ConViction, for multiple award winning developer Ubisoft. The cutting
edge score was recorded live with the Hollywood Studio Symphony at the Warner
Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage. Kaveh also completed co-scoring Marvelís Wolverine
and the X-Men animated series which has garnered Nicktoons their highest ratings
to date.