Christopher Tyng
Verblijfplaats: United States of America
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Biografie (Biografie enkel beschikbaar in het Engels) (Bijgewerkt 2013-02-15)

CHRISTOPHER TYNG is a songwriter, composer and producer who has worked with a wide variety of succesful artists, and has written music and songs for successful movies and television series in Hollywood over the past 20 years. As an integral member of the music team and often the sole contributor of the music scores on TV shows such as 'THE OC', 'FUTURAMA', 'RESCUE ME', 'COVERT AFFAIRS', 'SUITS' as well as many others, Chris has helped define and shape the sound and signature musical styles for these iconic and music-aware series, that in-turn have helped introduce and boost the careers of many new and independent artists. Through his experience writing, recording, and producing everything from large live orchestras to punk-rock, reggae, folk, neo-soul to electronica and everything in between, Chris has honed a unique voice, thematic sensibility and a wide pallette of sonic techniques with which to create memorable songs, movie and television soundtracks, and to produce new artists while helping them create and refine their own musical identity.