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 探偵物語 Remix
 Mizu no Onna - Woman of Water
 Shiroi Kyotō - The White Tower
 秘密戦隊: Complete Song Collection
 Porco Rosso (Image album)
 超人ロック: Lord Leon
 超人ロック: Lord Leon
 Adieu, Galaxy Express 999 - Memorial Songs Collection
 Adieu, Galaxy Express 999 - Eternal Edition File 3 & 4
 銀河鉄道 999 - Shudaika Sonyukashu
 銀河鉄道 999 - Song Collection
 銀河鉄道 999 - Songs & Others
 Chang'an twelve o'clock
 The World of Hayao Miyazak by Orgel Music
 Record Store Day 2018
 Kiki's Delivery Service (Vocal album)