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Tomorrow's Game

DNA-Productions 04/07/2022 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2022




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Tomorrow's Game ThemeOpening1:14
2.Room 2071:14
3.Too Much Space to Occupy4:27
4.Time Travel, Pt.11:26
5.July 14, 19570:56
6.Sally Gushes0:38
7.The FuNnY FaRm2:46
8.Nintendo Proof0:55
9.Time Travel, Pt.20:24
10.Paletas de Helado3:04
11.This is Bonkers0:39
13.Intolerance Through Broadcast, Pt.11:15
14.There's No Other Way0:57
15.El Juego Local2:30
16.Locked in this Moment in Time3:12
17.A World She Calls Home2:08
18.El Gran Plan1:46
19.The Stars Would Look Down at the People of Earth, Pt. 12:26
20.The Proper Ways to Gain Entry2:28
21.We Can Always Look Up at the Same Sky0:57
22.Invading Sacred Grounds1:30
23.You Look Like You Belong0:51
24.What Are You Two Doing in Here1:35
25.It Was Worth a Try1:35
26.Seems Like Ages Ago2:03
27.Seems Like Ages Ago (Alternative Version)1:54
28.La Oficina1:45
29.Four Minutes and Counting1:43
30.Looking for Number Thirty-Seven1:47
31.Intolerance Through Broadcast, Pt.21:09
32.Chico Loco1:47
33.Desecrating These Sacred Halls1:48
34.We're on the Same Team1:24
35.A Signal to Do the Right Thing1:26
36.Let's Do it0:46
37.You Are the Future1:00
38.Thomas Edison Failed Us2:40
39.A Historic Moment0:44
40.This Moment is Not Too Big5:19
41.The Stars Would Look Down at the People of Earth, Pt. 21:18
42.I Think it's Happening1:26
43.A True Honor for Me2:17
44.Adios Amigo2:45
45.Tomorrow's Game Theme-Closing1:51
46.Stand the Test of Time (Lionel Cohen & Stefni Valencia)2:56
47.1980s News Report0:27


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