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The Edward David Zeliff Collection Volume 4

BSX Records 21/06/2022 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Alternatives Suite5:47
2.Cock A Doodle Dandy Suite4:13
3.Prologue (From "Journey to Jerusalem")4:18
4.Where Will I find Him?/Oh, May The Lord (Choir) (From "Journey to Jerusalem")5:17
5.In the Silence of My Soul (Choir) (From "Journey to Jerusalem")5:17
6.Indecision / Judgement / Crucifixion / Intermission (From "Journey to Jerusalem")6:23
7.Doubt / Empty Tomb (From "Journey to Jerusalem")7:35
8.Song of the Resurrection (Choir) (From "Journey to Jerusalem")7:31
9.New Hope and Finale (From "Journey to Jerusalem")2:37


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