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Stranger Things 4

Lakeshore Records 01/07/2022 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.What's the Internet?2:48
2.I wouldnít remember me either.1:50
4.Journalistic Instinct2:37
5.100% Convinced1:05
6.In the closet1:32
7.Does that make us friends?3:14
8.My Boobs Hurt1:09
9.Unambiguous True Love2:17
10.Stuck in 19832:57
11.Hawkins National Lab2:02
12.Hellfire Club2:04
13.Buried Memories2:49
14.Fancy Bomb1:48
15.We are NOT Heroes3:06
16.Nine Feet Tall1:38
17.Hail Lord Vecna1:59
18.Powerful Psychic Connection2:02
19.Ruth, Nevada0:45
20.Hellfire Isnít A Cult1:24
21.I Know What I Saw2:08
23.Youíre Regressing Eleven3:32
24.Letter to Willy3:47
25.Palm Tree Delight1:54
27.Brennerís Little Pet2:18
28.Mr. Fibbly1:37
29.Itís just a clock, right?2:17
30.Welcome to Kamchatka2:14
31.A Nightmare Far Worse3:31
32.Caught a Body at the Munsen Trailer1:13
33.A War is coming to Hawkins1:55
34.The Elephant2:16
35.Hurtling Towards a Gruesome Death1:33
36.Barefoot in the snow1:45
37.Kills you in your dreams1:20
38.The Shire is Burning0:55
39.Blood Balloons1:09
40.Burning Baby0:59
42.There are some things worse than ghosts...4:47
43.A memory within a memory3:04
44.A Proper Thump1:58
46.Still Dizzy1:46
47.Reign Fire From Above1:34
48.Religious American2:14
49.Surf that Tasty Pie2:30
50.Follow me into Death1:54
51.Project Nina1:52
52.Being Different4:30
54.I Want You To Watch1:34
55.A Realm Unspoiled by Mankind4:22
56.Four Gates2:09
57.Sleeping Dracula3:10
58.Praying something will happen to me3:54
59.Stained Glass Roses2:34
61.Gates of Kamchatka1:05
62.Top Secret Location1:53
63.Youíre The Heart3:15
65.Skull Rock1:50
67.You Should Go East1:44
68.Unfortunate Development2:22
69.Slashing the Tires1:30
71.Elvis Cloned by Aliens1:35
72.(delicate, intense music playingÖ)3:26
73.Demogorgons in Tanks1:28
74.The Cure3:38
75.Patient Confidentiality2:00
76.Stay Calm, Focus on the Game2:28
77.Itís Time Max1:58
78.All Evil Must Have A Home4:40
79.Flashlights, Flashlights2:18
80.You Have Already Lost4:31


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