Aliens Clowns & Geeks
(Digital) Original Soundtrack

Elfmaniac Media 01/07/2022 ダウンロード




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Main TitleDanny Elfman 
2.Hipster ThemeEgo Plum 
3.Clown ChaseEgo Plum 
4.Dream SequenceDanny Elfman 
5.A Visit with Mom/Hillbilly Ping PongEgo Plum 
6.Clown and Mom/The Police StationEgo Plum 
7.Meet the ProfessorEgo Plum 
8.Love Is in the Air/Love ThemeEgo Plum & Danny Elfman 
9.A Pleasant Drive/The GangsterEgo Plum 
10.Helga VS GangsterEgo Plum 
11.No Help at the Police StationEgo Plum 
12.Love ThemeDanny Elfman 
13.Stupid Love MachineEgo Plum 
14.Back to the ObservatoryEgo Plum 
15.Clown ThemeDanny Elfman 
16.Bucket of Clown BrainsEgo Plum 
17.Hipsters Getting Ready for ActionEgo Plum 
18.Back to the LabEgo Plum 
19.All Talk and No Action… YetEgo Plum 
20.Alien ThemeDanny Elfman 
21.Ach, Mein LebenEgo Plum 
22.Emperor Beezel-Chugg’s ThemeEgo Plum 
23.CucucucucucucuMambo Diabolico 
24.The Ritual (Cochino Soy)Ego Plum 
25.Clown Theme, Part 2/Beezel-Chug ReduxDanny Elfman & Ego Plum 
26.Speaking in TonguesEgo Plum 
27.Getting Ready for Something (Ego Plum 
28.Fritz on the FritzDanny Elfman & Ego Plum 
29.Our Heroes Make a PlanEgo Plum 
30.Inga Gets PossessedDanny Elfman & Ego Plum 
31.Lenny & Beezel-Fritz On the ProwlEgo Plum 
32.Beezel-Fritz Attacks!Ego Plum 
33.More Antics at the Police StationEgo Plum 
34.Waiting and WaitingEgo Plum 
35.Mom Attacks!/Ramon Attacks!Ego Plum 
36.Alien Theme RepriseDanny Elfman & Ego Plum 
37.Ready for the EndEgo Plum 
38.Preparing the ObeliskEgo Plum 
39.Preparing for BattleEgo Plum 
40.The Final ConfrontationEgo Plum) 
41.Aliens, Clowns & Geeks!Ego Plum) 
42.Alien VS Clown Finale!Danny Elfman & Ego Plum 
43.Eddie, Oh Eddie!Ego Plum 
44.Eddie Does What He Has to Do!Danny Elfman & Ego Plum 
45.EpilogueEgo Plum 


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