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Warsaw Concerto And Other Piano Concertos From The Movies

Naxos 28/04/1998 ダウンロード
Naxos 28/04/1998 CD (0636943432327)




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Warsaw Concerto Richard Addinsell9:07
2.Portrait Of Isla Jack Beaver4:42
3.Spellbound Concerto Miklos Rozsa11:58
4.The Legend Of The Glass Mountain Nino Rota4:01
5.Theme And Waltz Richard Rodney Bennett5:46
6.Cornish Rhapsody Hubert Bath6:04
7.Concerto Macabre Bernard Herrmann12:00
8.The Dream Of Olwen Charles Williams5:01
9.Midnight On The Cliffs Leonard Pennario5:39


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