First Kill

Netflix Music 10/06/2022 ダウンロード
TVシリーズ/ TVフィルム 映画のリリース: 2020




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Covering Upfeat. Barii1:02
2.They're So Frail1:50
3.Battle at the Fairmontsfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii5:04
4.Ready for Thisfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii1:27
6.Juliette Flirts with Calfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii2:11
7.Friends Going Way Backfeat. Barii1:13
8.The Next Morningfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii1:16
9.Heartstopperfeat. Barii4:49
10.Leave Before You Ruin It1:55
11.Pure Silverfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii1:42
12.The Place I Feel Normalfeat. Barii1:46
13.Where Is Cal?feat. Barii2:33
14.It Falls On All of Usfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii2:53
15.I Know You Like Mefeat. Barii0:44
16.Situation Under Control2:52
17.We Found Our Monster0:41
18.You Want Herfeat. Barii1:48
20.Ambushfeat. Barii1:37
21.The MAAMsfeat. Barii1:18
22.Theo's Dilemmafeat. Barii3:19
23.Where's Calliope?1:41
24.Elinor's Preyfeat. D'anna Stewart1:10
25.Emerald Malkiafeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii1:06
26.Searching for Vampiresfeat. Barii1:41
27.You'll Be Fine, Dad1:43
28.Nothing's Working2:45
29.Blood Lust Winsfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii0:52
30.The Ones Who Look Humanfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii3:08
31.The Handofffeat. D'anna Stewart2:51
32.The Gatheringfeat. D'anna Stewart and Barii4:55


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