Muttertag - Ein Taunuskrimi

Bavaria Sonor Mediathek 11/02/2022 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Deceptive Idyll 
2.Smoldering Suspicion 
3.Arrival Spooky Villa 
4.Theo Dead 
5.Mysterious Pond 
6.Discovery of Three Corpses 
7.Answering Machine Awakens Memories of Mysterious Garden 
8.Arrival Weird House 
9.Ramona Suspects Fritjof 
10.Drive to the Airport 
11.Fiona Lonely in Empty Apartment 
12.Mother's Day Party Theo Drunk 
13.Ramona Flashback Deceptive Idyll 
14.Investigation Success 
15.Flashback Ramona Sees Blood on the Table 
16.Perpetrator Lives, Pursuit Kim 
17.Claas Pursues Kim 
18.Fiona Seeks Birth Mother 
19.Mystery About Adoption 
20.Obscure Fritjof 
21.Horror Takes Its Course 
22.Claas Weird 
23.Claas Under Arrest 
24.Claas Flashback Deceptive Idyll 
# トラック   期間
1.Spell of the Mystery in the Pond 
2.Hideout in the Basement 
3.Flashback Joachim Is Waiting for His Mom 
4.Discovery in the Basement 
5.Kim Has a Hidden Child 
6.Joachim's Empire in the Basement 
7.Joachim Feeding the Victim 
8.Car Ride 
9.Flashback Murder Rita 
10.Joachim Mixes Poison for Tied Kim 
11.Fiona Enters Spooky House 
12.Flashback Joachim Is Waiting in Vain 
13.Monitoring the Suspects 
14.Flashback Boat Capsize 
15.Claas Dead 
16.Letters to a Longing Boy 
17.Joachim's Parallel Worlds 
18.Flashback Joachim's Mother Will Not Come Again 
19.Car Chase 
20.Joachims Drives to the Airport 
21.The Evil Takes Its Course 
22.Joachim Outwits Commissioners 
23.Commissioners Enter Joachim's Empire in the Basement 
24.Fiona Tied up in the Basement 
25.Fiona Meets Her Mom 
26.Flashback Joachim Drowns Girl 
27.Joachim Is Led Away 
28.Farewell Mystery in the Pond 


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