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Stars And Stripes / Cakewalk

RCA 1993 CD




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
Stars And Stripes (After Music By John Philip Sousa)
1.First Campaign4:56
2.Second Campaign4:24
3.Third Campaign4:26
4.Fourth Campaign / Fifth Campaign4:37
5.Variation I0:53
6.Variation II1:29
7.Coda: Allegro Molto2:33
8.Finale: The Stars And Stripes Forever4:46
Cakewalk: Suite (After Music By Louis Moreau Gottschalk)
9.Grand Walkaround / Three Variations3:18
10.Wallflower Waltz1:53
11.Sleight Of Feet1:59
12.Perpendicular Points2:17
14.Magic Act: Introduction Of The Magicians; Venus And The Graces; The Wild Pony; Pas De Deux; Ride-Out7:53
15.Finale: Gala Cakewalk3:46
16.Gavotte (Interplay) Morton Gould2:15
17.Blues (Interplay) Morton Gould3:40
18.Hoedown (Rodeo) Aaron Copland3:14
19.Galop (Fancy Free) Leonard Bernstein1:27
20.Waltz (Fancy Free) Leonard Bernstein2:27
21.Danzon (Fancy Free) Leonard Bernstein2:32


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