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Dubois Records 25/11/2021 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2021




# トラック   期間
2.Breakfast With Mum2:35
3.Journey to Town2:45
4.The Mayor0:41
6.Swan's Dream2:18
7.Falling in Love1:31
8.Grand Waltz3:58
9.Dr Coppelius Interrupts0:56
10.The Town Is Changing2:32
11.Mother is Different0:45
12.The Evil Dr Coppelius2:02
13.The Town Has Changed!1:23
14.Opening Fanfare0:25
15.Coppelia's Dance Track1:34
16.Coppelia Drugs Franz0:54
17.Coppelius' Experiments5:54
18.Giving Life to Coppelia2:41
19.Franz's Drawing2:38
20.Rescuing Mum0:32
21.Mum Wants a Makeover0:49
22.Ice Cream Tango1:59
23.The First Kiss1:47
24.The Nightmare1:42
25.Franz Follows Coppelia1:12
26.On the Mirror1:20
27.Plan of Action2:30
28.Swan Explores the Clinic1:09
29.The Blending Room0:46
30.Stopping the Essence1:57
31.Swan Has Found Franz1:14
32.Robot Dance1:40
33.Friends Don't Give Up2:51
34.Escaping the Robots1:58
35.Friends Manage to Break In!1:39
36.Stealing Franz's Love1:02
37.True Love Kiss1:52
38.Destroying the Clinic2:02
39.Grand Finale5:17
40.Coppelia-Radio Suite4:06


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