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Love Actually

Back Lot Music 19/11/2021 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2003




# トラック アーティスト/作曲家 期間
1.Opening Titles (From The Motion Picture "Love Actually")1:33
2.Christmas Is All Around (Montage)5:25
3.First Day0:50
4.Natalie With Tea Trolley0:20
5.In Love With Karl0:54
6.Sam's Bedroom0:48
7.On The Bench0:58
8.I'm In Love0:42
9.Total Agony1:57
10.Saucy Minx / Aurelia Arrives1:52
11.Bad Policies0:57
12.Discovery Of Kiss / Press Conference2:22
13.Croissants In France1:07
14.The Lake Scene1:35
15.Saddest Part Of Day1:13
16.Glasgow Love Theme2:05
17.PM Redistributes Natalie0:34
18.Jamie Leaves Aurelia2:44
19.Sarah & Karl Go Wrong1:34
20.Karen In Bed0:37
21.Harry & Mia1:08
22.Wrapping The Necklace2:55
23.Natalie On The Stairs2:08
24.Natalie At The School1:27
25.Natalie Revealed / Karen Confronts Harry1:49
26.Joanna Drives Off6:02
27.Sam & Joanna1:14
28.Portuguese Love Theme3:10
29.Christmas Is All Around (Film Version)Billy Mack4:52
31.Restaurant Band0:32
32.PM's Love Theme2:13
33.Christmas Is All Around (Soundtrack Version)Billy Mack3:48


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