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Teenage Exorcist / Witch Academy

BSX Records 01/11/2021 CD - 500 コピー




# トラック   期間
1.Moving In3:30
2.“You Don’t Live Here Anymore” / Milk Carton Breathes / Lettuce Beware2:38
3.Demon Disturbs Diane / Diane Possessed5:00
4.Sally & Mike Arrive / Spilled Cocktail3:35
5.Chainsaw Chase Scene / Mike Puts Diane Out of Commision / Showering With a Demon4:05
6.Jeff’s Lovely Monoloue / “I’m Calling a Priest” / “What’s Supposed to Happen at Midnight?”2:24
7.Searching The Basement3:36
8.Father McFerrin’s Failed Exorcism5:57
9.Eddie, The Pizza Guy / Stuck In The Middle With Zombies / Father McFerrin Calms the Zombies / Demon In The Cellar3:55
10.Eddie Meets The Demon / Rescuing Eddie / Diane Subdues Mike4:26
11.Mike’s Off To See The Demon3:02
12.Demon Prepares Ceremony / The Shocking Climax5:23
13.The Zombie Whisperer / Coda: Bulgarian Head Cheese Pizza1:48
14.The Shocking Stingers0:55
# トラック   期間
1.Electric Tricks6:36
2.Little Devils (Main Title)2:59
3.Cancelled Fun / Best Outfit0:47
4.The Arrival / The Turning Point3:08
5.Devilish Maneuvers / The Real Devil / Oh / The Truth / Potato Bug3:56
6.Unpicked Lock / Never Born0:52
7.Something in Purple / Professor LaMarr / Body Bag1:36
8.Sleeping Powder0:50
9.Sex Sister0:37
10.Death of LaMarr2:17
11.Arctic Base Factor / The Monster Trick0:56
12.Flying Flounders / Becky Once More / Hunky Dory4:37
13.Eeh! / The Creeps / What Next?4:22
14.Angelic Choir / God Is Watching2:17
15.That Little Devil / Turning End Titles1:35
16.End Credits & Bloopers4:13
17.Electric Tricks (Alternate)6:09
18.The Real Devil (Alternate with Gong)1:00
19.Unpicked Lock (Alternate)0:40
20.Always Had The Chassis (Alternate)0:46
21.Unused Versions Suite4:26


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