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The Last Duel

Hollywood Records 15/10/2021 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Duel Preparations3:36
2.Leaving for Scotland2:42
3.Marguerite de Carrouges2:18
4.Returning Home1:14
5.Jean de Carrouges1:18
6.Managing the Estate2:23
7.Court of King Charles0:56
8.The Wolves2:33
10.Jacques LeGris1:13
11.I’ve Never Seen You Like This1:12
13.I Offer You a Name3:28
14.House Meeting0:58
15.Chapter 31:11
16.Left Alone1:17
17.Forgive Me for Intruding1:27
18.Tell No One2:28
19.The Duel5:12
20.The Aftermath3:08
21.Celui Que Je Désire (performed by Grace Davidson)3:49
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