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Liefde Zonder Grenzen

Riva Media Records 11/10/2021 ダウンロード
映画 映画のリリース: 2021




# トラック   期間
1.Lynch Syndrome (Guido)1:14
2.Thinking of You (GUIDO & DAAN)3:04
3.Maarten's Secret Part I (Guido)0:48
4.Eva's Bucketlist (Guido)1:08
5.Family Dinner (Guido)0:50
6.Medication Schedule (Guido)2:08
7.What's your Preference, Ferry ? (Guido)0:59
8.It's Happening (GUIDO & DAAN)2:12
9.Maarten's Secret Part II (Guido)2:12
10.Ferry & Mike's Growing Friendship (Guido)2:46
11.The Tumor has Grown (Guido)2:08
12.Alhoub Al Mamnoue (Forbidden Love) (Guido)1:27
13.Thanks for Today (Guido)0:48
14.Lust for Life (Guido)1:11
15.33 Other Dates (Guido)1:45
16.Not my Father (Guido)1:31
17.The Breakup (Guido)2:27
# トラック   期間
1.Let it Go (GUIDO & LAURA)4:02
2.Solitude Surrender (GUIDO & Rachèl Louise)3:20
3.Proud to be your Daughter (Guido)3:17
4.Cannot Stop (feat. Chris Murphy) (Guido)5:04
5.All I Ever (Milkbar)3:31
6.Song for the Sinners (Milkbar)3:39
7.Voor Je Van Mij Houdt (Jaap Reesema)3:17


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